2012 Annual Banquet
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Mark Lee and Rick Buchanan

Gary Cooper and Pat Buchanan

Don Buchanan

Fabulous prizes

President's Pin Awardees - Brian Adams, President Randy Buchanan, Tom Papuga, Chris Mahla

President's Awards - Phil Gardner, Eric M. Robertson with Randy

"Order of the Mug" winner - Missy Reckner with Secretary Dave Maher

Joseph Arcuri, Jr. Award winner - Fred Sherlock with Vice President, Gary Cooper, Connie Arcuri, and President Randy Buchanan

Pres. Randy and Treasurer Pat Buchanan, Connie Arcuri

Secretary Dave Maher and family

McGowan Family

Ron Sell, Tom Papuga

Dr. Gunlegson, friend, and Walt Ronan

Charlie Seigh (center) and friends

Ron Donlin (center) and friends

Jim Fagan, Fred Sherlock, Bob Wardrop, and Butch Kerchenske

Mr. Cramer, Mark Symon, and Mr. Vranich

Bob Stem and family

Mrs. and TU Board member Jassim Hassan

Dr. Duke (left), Dr. Pruchnic (right), and friend

Chris Bartoletti (center) kindly donated back to MLTU half his winnings from the 50/50 raffle

Bud and Pattie Jo Kury and friends

Joe Pallos and friends

Reighard Family

Madison Family

Don Buchanan,Mrs. and Mr. Bill Conlin. Chris Mahla - Bill's hand made rods have raised nearly $10,000 for MLTU

Mrs. and Mr. Brian Adams and son, Colton

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hillegas

Photos: Tom Murray

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