Howell's Run

Howell's Run flows from Lake Rowena into Wilmore Dam. The stream is located off Route22 and about 2 miles before the Ebensburg exit traveling eastbound on Route 2013. It is a smaller stream with many riffles and runs where the fish usually lie. The stream is very accessible because several bridges run over it, including Spinner Road just above Wilmore Dam. The stream is heavily stocked in its middle and lower portions while its upper section is only lightly stocked. The stream is fairly easy for the average angler to fish because the vegetation is only moderately inhibiting.

The positive aspects of Howell's Run are its easy accessibility, containment of a good fish population and its easiness to fish.

Fish - Howell's Run is stocked by the Fish & Boat Commission with brown and rainbow trout at various times of the year, mostly at the bridges on the middle and lower sections. The rainbows will travel great distances in short periods of time in order to find the stretch of water that pleases them the most. Some of these rainbow will even travel to the Wilmore Dam, the body of water the stream flows into.

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