Lake Rowena

Lake Rowena is both a cold water and warm water fishery - it hold both trout and various warm water species. The lake is readily accessible and is located in Ebensburg off Route 22 on Lake View Road. Although the lake is not very large, boats with electric motors are permitted. The lake itself is not very deep - a maximum depth of about 15 feet - but it holds fish all year long. The lake falls under the Fish & Boat Commission's extended trout regulations, which means that it is open all year long to fishing. The lake is open to ice-fishing and has a dock where physically challenged people can fish for the array of fish that Lake Rowena offers.

Lake Rowena is a perfect lake to bring the family and kids to picnic on a fine Sunday afternoon. The grounds are clean and the lake has a lot to offer the common fisherman because of the variety of fish it contains. Since the lake allows boats to travel its confines the lake becomes even more accessible to the angler

Fish - Lake Rowena is home to a variety of fish including but not limited to rainbow, brown and brook trout, panfish, largemouth, smallmouth, and rack bass, pickerel, crappie and other species of panfish. The Fish & Boat Commission stocks the lake, both in-season and out-of-season, with brown and rainbow trout, and some of the rainbows top 36 inches in length.

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