Laurel Run (Tanneryville)

This Laurel Run is located directly outside the city of Johnstown off Route 403. The stream flows directly into the Conemaugh River. It it a smaller stream but flows quicker than most streams in the basin. Entrance can be gained at Laurel Run Park or anywhere along Cooper Avenue above where it branches off Route 403 near the Johnstown America Corp. building.

Laurel is a stream of diminishing water quality because of the problem common to so many streams in the basin - acid mine drainage. Discharges can be found on the stream, and although not being very large, they still have affected the stream's vitality over the past few years.

Fish - The fish that call the waters of Laurel Run home are the brook, brown and rainbow trout. The fish average 8 to 10 inches in length, but some of the inhabitants can grow to be much longer. All fish in the stream are stocked by the Fish & Boat Commission.

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