Noel's Creek

Noel's Creek is a smaller stream located off of Route 53 on Sportman's Road in Portage. The stream is home to four small dams which create beautiful pools and deep holes. These features of the stream help to hold the fish that live here. The pools contain a substantial amount of fish mostly because of their depth and food content. The stream is easily accessible but due to its smaller size it can sometimes be difficult to fish.

Noel's Creek is a truly beautiful piece of water mostly because of the four small but distinct dams on it. Although it is smaller stream, the angler can still have a memorable day of fishing.

Fish - Noel's Creek is stocked primarily with brown and brook trout during the trout season. The stream also contains a few rainbows and holdover fish. In addition, it is home to some wild fish, although these are in spare numbers.

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