Cooperative Nurseries
in the Upper Conemaugh Basin

Many streams in the Stonycreek and Upper Conemaugh Basin are stocked by private trout nurseries or sportsmen's clubs that buy fish from cooperative nurseries. The private nurseries and stocking operations are run in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission.

Many co-op programs add extra fish to streams that also are stocked by the Commission. Streams stocked only by co-ops often get fewer fish and may be prone to over-fishing. But co-ops also are often more willing to experiment with a stream that is recovering from environmental problems to see whether the fish can survive.

Streams in the Little Conemaugh Basin that are stocked only by Co-op Nurseries follow. Sandy Run is stocked by both Forest Hills Trout Co-op and Dunlo Rod & Gun Club. Both clubs also plant some fish in the South Fork of the Little Conemaugh below the area designated as a wilderness trout stream.

Kane Run, Lick Run and Lower and Upper Beaver are stocked by Forest Hills Trout Co-op, while Otto Run and Little Beaver Run are stocked by Dunlo Rod & Gun Club.

Streams in the Stonycreek Basin stocked only by Co-op Nurseries follow:

Windber Sportsmen stocks Biscuit Spring, Buffalo Pond, Quemahoning Pond and Windber Sportsmen's Pond.

Jenner Community Sportsmen's Club stocks Card Machine Run, Roaring Run, North Branch of Quemahoning Creek and the mainstem of Quemahoning Creek, along with Pickings Run and Beaver Dam Run.

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