The Mountain Laurel Trout Unlimited works to insure that our cold water fisheries improve, are reclaimed or are not threatened. Trout need cold, clean water to survive and thrive everywhere they swim. Most of our members practice “catch and release” fishing to insure our fisheries are a great place to go, knowing fish will be there. Know the streams you are fishing, some of our streams warm up in the summer, and taking a few fish for the frying pan from these streams is not a bad thing. Please note if you are fishing a native stream, and please practice catch and release on these, as they are few and far between.

A lot of members are fly fisherman and our hatch chart is a basic guide for them. Spin fisherman should carry small spinners in black and white and an assortment of colors. Small repala’s are also effective in our streams, with floaters twitched across slow pools eliciting savage strikes. Spin/lure fisherman along with bait fisherman should pinch your barbs down if you are practicing catch and release. Baits effective in our regions waters are: live minnows, night crawler (especially after a rain), meal worms, wax worms, and garden worms. Corn, though used as bait, has proven in PA Fish & Boat Commission studies (Bender 1992) to be a poor diet for trout, so if you are going to use it please don’t coat the bottom of the stream!

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